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Affiliate Highlight: Veterans One-stop Center of Western New York

United States service men and women are trained to take and maintain action in times of chaos as well as peace. Active Army Reservist Nora is facing many struggles in her everyday life. Nora was previously linked with a provider in order to address her mental health as it relates to severe depression and anxiety.

As Nora continues to master keeping her life in equilibrium, she also attributes a wealth of support that she has received to the Veterans One-Stop Center of Western New York (VOCNY). Nora presented to the VOCNY on July 30, 2018 seeking assistance in the areas of employment and housing. On the above date, Nora completed a standard intake with a Senior Advocate. Following Nora’s intake, she was informed that she was eligible for services through the VOCNY, and her advocate stopped at nothing to ensure that her needs were met.

Nora was immediately referred by her advocate to the VOCNY housing coalition who were able to stably house her in a time-sensitive manner. In addition to housing, she was also immediately linked with Goodwill Services onsite at the VOCNY in order to begin an employment search. Through working with Goodwill, Nora was able to find a job which works with her reservist status and provides enough monetary support to cover her cost of living. Nora also continues to receive mental health services and was provided with options to ensure that she continues to address her mental health needs.

Without the support and empowerment of the VOCNY, Nora would have faced a daunting task in seeking assistance and might not have received help at all. It is with great pride and honor that the VOCNY is able to create such positive momentum in the lives of those who have previously served or are currently serving our great nation.


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