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Providing a Helping Hand to Veteran Family During Emotional and Financial Stress

Michael*, a post-9/11 Army veteran from Tampa, FL was referred to the AWP Network by a national partner because of ineligibility. Michael served two years prior to being honorably discharged due to his disability. He, his wife, and two children recently became financially strained after a sudden loss. Staying faithful to his Hispanic heritage of putting family first, Michael covered the costs of his father's funeral expenses and became a caretaker for his mother. This put the family in much fiscal and emotional distress. Fighting to stay afloat, Michael applied for short-term financial assistance for his outstanding utility bill of $660 but was denied by a few organizations in the community due to resources being unavailable.

Understanding Michael's situation, the AWP Network knew it was necessary to help him and his family navigate national resources for support. After combing through various programs, the AWP Network secured assistance for Michael from a national partner. Collaboration like this is necessary to support veterans during their unique, urgent circumstances. We are proud to support veterans like Michael in navigating life's hardships to live a comfortable life.

This success story is brought to you by our partner, Navy Federal. Thank you for powering the AWP Network!

*Name has been changed in this story to protect the identity of the individuals.


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