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About The Program

The AWP Network was created in 2018 based on a need identified through our Community Integration program. Through our Community Integration program evaluation tools and collection of meaningful data, America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) was able to analyze veteran needs at the local level and the gaps that existed to meet those needs.


Transportation, short-term financial assistance, housing, and assistance with VA claims were some of the most pressing needs that community-based programs needed help addressing. When resources did not exist or had been exhausted at the local level, communities needed a place to turn to for support. Thus, The AWP Network was created to help bridge the gap between national resources and local communities.

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State Veteran Benefits Finder

Thank you to the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) for developing and sharing this valuable resource, the State Veteran Benefits Finder, for veterans, service members, families, caregivers, and survivors. Hosting the State Veteran Benefits Finder is a part of the ongoing efforts of America’s Warrior Partnership to educate veterans about the resources available to them.

The State Veteran Benefits Finder makes it easy to search and find information about all identified benefits. This tool allows users to filter state-level veteran benefits by type of benefit, beneficiary, and state to determine benefits for which they may be eligible - providing a unique and invaluable reference.

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