America’s Warrior Partnership’s training goal is to provide quality, effective, and engaging training to our Community Integration Affiliates around the United States. We provide live, on-demand and virtual training on the evidence-based practices and principles of Community Integration. In addition, we deliver orientation and training on our proprietary software WarriorServe®, a Veteran relationship management software built on the SalesForce ™ platform.


Our objective is to supply best-practice solutions along with the knowledge and ability to measure impacts. We empower our Community Integration Affiliates with the knowledge and skills they need to become the mobilizing organization in their community and the ability to achieve world-class performance in support of veterans.



Course Title: SalesForce® Setup

Course Description: Ready to start your journey as an Administrator? Salesforce® Setup will introduce you to the basics of adding a new user to your Salesforce® organization as well as updating and creating permission sets and creating fully customizable reports and dashboards.”

• Adding a User
• Creating/Updating Permission Sets
• Creating Reports and Dashboard

Course Title: Managing Collaboration via Partner Portal


Course Description: WarriorServe® Partner Portal allows secure data sharing between Community Integration Affiliates and their key community partners. In this training, administrators will learn how to set up their community partners with Partner Portal Access. Included in this course are 3 modules that can be used with Partner Portal Organizations.

• Setting you Your Partner Community Organizations with Partner Portal Access
• Logging into Partner Portal*
• Creating an Account*
• Creating a Contact*


Course Title: Introduction to WarriorServe™ Setup

Course Description: New to WarriorServe® or the SalesForce™ platform? Watch and learn the functionalities of WarriorServe™ and how to navigate this beneficial client management program.

• Overview of WarriorServe
• How to Log into WarriorServe
• Navigating WarriorServe

Course Title: Getting Started with WarriorServe™

Course Description: Ready to input and manage your information in WarriorServe®? In this course you will learn how to utilize the main functions of WarriorServe®, creating and updating accounts, contacts, cases and tasks.

• Adding and Updating Accounts
• Creating and Managing Contacts
• Opening and Closing Cases
• Assigning Tasks


Course Title: Introduction to Community Integration

Course Description: The goal of Community Integration is to advance comprehensive and holistic Warrior care that will promote the overall well-being of Warriors and their communities. In this course, you will learn the how and why of Community Integration. Watch and learn how to amplify your organization’s impact.

• Principles of Community Integration
• Four Steps to Linking Warriors to Community Services
• The Solution-Focused Model: Holistic Warrior Care and Tangible Solutions

Course Title: The Role of Documentation in Service Delivery

Course Description: Documentation is a vital part of Community Integration. In order to build a relationship, you must engage with clients over time. That is difficult if you do not keep complete and accurate records. In this course, you‘ll discover many reasons why documentation is vital to the success of organizations and learn practical tips and advice about the collection and management of documentation.

• Documentation: The Devil is in the Details
• Case Notes Specifics
• The Confidentialities of Documentation

Course Title: Effective Outreach


Course Description: The first step in developing a successful warrior organization is outreach. Veteran organizations must go out and engage other community organizations in order to develop a symbiotic relationship that utilizes the strength and focus of each group to provide holistic solutions for Warriors. Likewise, veteran organizations must seek out and engage warriors in a variety of settings and events. In this course, you’ll learn best practices for leveraging the community’s resources and conducting warrior outreach. Walk away with specific strategies to develop community partners and engage and connect with Veterans.

• Introduction to Community Outreach
• Introduction to Warrior Outreach
• Warrior Outreach Strategy
• Creating a Warrior Connection