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About The Program

Community Integration is a holistic veteran-focused, community-led initiative to proactively connect with all veterans, family members, and caregivers, therefore, ensure access to the resources and opportunities available in collaboration with local communities. We aim to cultivate integrated, resilient, and prosperous veteran communities across the country by improving veteran quality of life thus ending veteran suicide.


America's Warrior Partnership uses a one-size-fits-one method that improves a veteran’s quality of life with the upstream approach by combining the Community Integration model, utilizing the one of its kind study - Operation Deep Dive™, providing a national network of support through The Network, and listening to the needs and advocating on behalf of veterans.

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The Community Integration model amplifies local efforts by:​
  • Bringing local veteran-serving organizations, community leadership, and business together to identify and bridge the gaps in available services.​

  • Connecting local groups to national resources through America’s Warrior Partnership Network.​

  • America’s Warrior Partnership works with communities to provide a framework for wrap-around service that both meets veteran needs and enhances the community’s stature and ability.​

  • Any organization – from industry to government to nonprofit – may implement Community Integration to strengthen and empower their whole community

The Four-Step Plan

  • Connect

    • Proactively building a trusted relationship with veterans and connecting them to available resources or connecting communities with the tools and insights they need to support veterans.

  • Educate

    • Informing veterans of the opportunities available to them, as well as educating the community as a whole about the needs of veterans and their value to the community.

  • Advocate

    • Raising awareness on behalf of veterans, their families and caregivers to ensure they receive the opportunity and support they need and to advocate for communities' commitment to supporting veterans.

  • Collaborate

    • Working together with veterans to create a holistic plan and collaborate with all offerings from the local community to regional, state and national resources to ensure the success of the veterans within the community.


Facts & Figures

Collective Impact On Warriors


Unique Warriors Served Since February 2014


Post - 9/11 Warriors


Housing Cases

Successfully Closed


Benefits Cases

Successfully Closed


Education Cases

Successfully Closed


On Track to Graduate


Employment Cases

Successfully Closed


Enrolled in VA Healthcare


Estimated Economic Impact

Get Involved

The following tools and activities focus on cultivating positive and effective ways to better serve your community’s warriors, build community awareness and partnerships, identify community priorities, and inspire action.

Utilize The Network


A coordination platform that expands the reach of local organizations by connecting them to national partners.

Attend Battle Rhythms


Virtual monthly resource calls that feature industry leading experts discussing current topics in the veteran-service space.

Buy the Playbook


Learn how to use our model in your community to know your veterans, rally existing resources, and improve the quality of life for veterans, their family members, and caregivers.

Participate in the Annual Survey

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Measures factors relating to the Community Integration program and the veterans served. The results of the survey have helped us evaluate veterans’ strengths, needs, growth and satisfaction.

Check Back in 2025

Attend Annual Warrior Symposium


An annual gathering of veteran-serving professionals to share best practices, hear from inspiring and influential speakers, and learn about resources available to empower veterans, families, and caregivers.

Establish a Community Branch or Become an Affiliate 

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America’s Warrior Partnership has developed a nationally proven model for Community Integration and offers support to local community service organizations or community leaders interested in strengthening their collaborative services for veterans.

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Explore activities you can implement to positively and effectively serve your community’s veterans.

Success Stories

Hear from current affiliates about the positive impact Community Integration has had for them.


Quality, effective, and engaging training to our Community Integration Affiliates.


A list of our national and community Collaborators


Fact Sheet

View 2020 Survey Report

Five Year CI Survey Analysis

The Result of Community Integration

A strengthened community with a dedicated local leader equipped with the right collaborations and partnerships to holistically support veterans, their families, and caregivers!

The Community Integration program is powered in part by Wounded Warrior Project® to honor and empower post-9/11 injured service members, veterans, and their families®.

Community Branches



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