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Community Integration Competency
Certificate Program

Why Community Integration?

America’s Warrior Partnership has created a proven model, The AWP Community Integration Model, to proactively connect with all veterans, family members, and caregivers, therefore, ensuring access to resources and opportunities are available in collaboration with local communities. This Community Integration model has been used by communities across the country to serve more than 56,000 veterans and more including family members and caregivers. The result is a thriving community that is able to proactively support veterans improving their quality of life and increasing protective factors to end veteran suicide. The model is simple, but dynamic and customizable based on the community and the veterans they serve. 

Training Dates

The Importance of Completing the Community Integration Competency Certificate Program

To achieve the mission of America’s Warrior Partnership, to partner with communities to prevent veteran suicide, it is vital that veteran support organizations are trained and understand the proven holistic model of Community Integration as applied to the support of veterans within a community’s ecosystem. The Community Integration Model provides structure and support to enhance existing local efforts so those directly serving the veteran population can focus on proactively building relationships and strengthening the network of universal support. With more than 45,000 non-governmental organizations throughout the nation existing to serve veterans and their families, and caregivers, the need for effective community-based programs is critical. To promote excellence in veteran support across the US, America’s Warrior Partnership has established the Community Integration Competency Certification Program.

This program consists of 3 main requirements:

  1. Complete an online Community Assessment, 5-10 minutes

  2. Complete two on-demand training courses, 1 hour

  3. Attend a virtual training: Introduction to Community Integration, 1.5 hours


For this 2 hour and 40-minute commitment, you receive:

  1. Recognition of Community Integration Competency Certification Completion on the AWP website

  2. A Community IntegrationI Competency Certificate badge for your website

  3. A copy of the Community Integration Playbook

  4. An invitation to each monthly Battle Rhythm

  5. Invitation to attend the Community Integration Annual Workshop held each year at the Warrior Symposium

  6. Premier Partnership Status with the America’s Warrior Partnership Network

Certified Organizations

VPAN Logo_Color png.png
warior-alliance-logo_2x (1).png
TW logo 0504aa blue horizontal (main).jpg
Health and Wellness Alliance _Handshake_Brand.png

Additional Certified Organizations

Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, Inc.


New Market Connect

Volunteers of America, Los Angeles

Wisconsin Veterans Network

Easterseals Redwood

Onward Opps

Returning Veterans Project

Valley Health Care

Veteran AdvoCare

Palmdale Elks Lodge 2027

VFW Department of Wisconsin

​​United Way of Palm Beach County

Why so much for such little commitment of time? Because…

By empowering you, we empower the veterans in your community. 

Training Dates
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