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The Summary of Interim Report is Now Available

Objective & Scope:

Operation Deep Dive™ is a community-based, current and former service member, death prevention study taking place across the country. This four-year study was initially funded by a grant from the Bristol- Myers Squibb Foundation.

Operation Deep Dive™ Hypothesis:

By analyzing common military service experiences and community factors associated with early mortality, we can prevent former service members' premature non-natural or natural death through early engagement and prevention measures for those with the highest probability of early mortality.

Operation Deep Dive™ is the first research study of its kind to:

  • Identify at a national, state, or local level the current or former service member with the highest probability of dying prematurely (i.e., suicide, overdose, cancer, heart disease) by correlating death record data shared by the states to detailed military experiences shared by the Department of Defense.

  • Identify the community environments that contribute to the lower or higher premature death of former service members through qualitative interviews with friends, families, and co-workers that seek to re-construct the last year of the former service member's life.

  • Identify the impact of adverse disciplinary action on the premature death of current and former service members.

  • Utilize findings to develop national, state, or local suicide and overdose prevention strategies and identify possible changes in clinical and public health practice for patients with military service experience.

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Operation Deep Dive™ is Seeking Interview Participants

You can help prevent suicides and self-injury deaths among former service members.

How can you help?

By participating in an Operation Deep Dive™ interview that aims to examine the lives of former service members lost to suicide or premature death (i.e., overdose, asphyxiation, accidental gunshot, drowning, suicide by law enforcement, or high-speed, single-driver accident) within the last 24 months.

Your insights will contribute greatly to the formation of a proactive approach to preserving the life of service members and veterans!
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Participant requirements

  • Must be 18​ or older

  • A relative, loved one, friend, or co-worker to a deceased former service member who has died by suicide or premature death within the last 24 months​​

Contact us:

If you would like to get additional information about being a participant, please contact


Krystal Garcia

Program Specialist

What Participants Are Saying

"...thank you again for your minutes (180!:) to conduct the interview, your patience with listening, compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters who have gone home, and your passion for Operation Deep Dive. I am humbled and grateful for you, your service with ODD, and this program you represent. A true pleasure, and oddly enough, a joy to participate."

"I think the work your doing is incredibly important and I believe could help save lives and families. I promise to continue to play my role within the population." 

"...Thank you. I very much appreciated your care & kindness. God bless you and the work you all do your needed and we are blessed to have your help." 

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OpDD Videos

OpDD Videos
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Operation Deep Dive™ with Stop Soldier Suicide

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Operation Deep Dive Facebook Live with Alaska Warrior Partnership

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Upstream Suicide Prevention Strategies with AWP and The CDC

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