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Homefront Support: Aiding Elderly Veterans' Repairs

Navigating life as an elderly person, especially on a limited income, presents its share of challenges. The complexities of managing everyday tasks and financial constraints often create hurdles that impact one's ability to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment. For individuals like Judith Porter*, a veteran widow, the necessity of home repairs can become an added burden, highlighting the struggle many face in similar circumstances.

Judith Porter is a veteran widow on a fixed income, who was recently burdened by the need of crucial home repairs that she simply could not afford. Looking for a place to turn, she was referred to the AWP Network to support her in this troubling time. After speaking with Judith, the AWP Network team delved into potential resources and landed on the Federal Rural 504 Home Repair Loan and Grant program. After verifying that Judith qualified for this grant, the team got to work helping Judith gather the necessary information for the application.

After months of anticipation, Judith received the news that she was approved for both a grant and a loan. The grant, a lifeline of $10k, will cover the bulk of repairs for Judith and won’t require reimbursement. The remaining balance, exceeding the grant amount, will be covered by the loan. Since Judith is on a limited income, she will repay the loan at 1% interest over a 20-year period. Judith is elated to have her home repair process starting and that the amount she will have to contribute is affordable to her.

*Name has been changed in this story to protect the individual's identity.


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