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Corporate Veteran Initiative

Veterans are assets in the corporate culture.

They come equipped with the skills necessary to be valuable leaders.


America's Warrior Partnership's Corporate Veteran Initiative (CVI) is committed to a one-size-fits-one approach that empowers military, veterans, families, and caregivers in their workplaces.


Solutions are customized to meet the individual needs of each corporation and its veteran workforce. America's Warrior Partnership can help your employer know and understand you better.

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Are you a veteran, or family/caregiver of a veteran? Fill out this form to connect to resources and opportunities.

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About CVI

The Corporate Veteran Initiative (CVI) incorporates the America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) Community Integration Model and applies it to the workplace.
AWP developed CVI to proactively connect with veterans in the workplace and ensure access to quality resources and opportunities available in collaboration with companies and the surrounding local community.
CVI is a veteran-focused solution that empowers companies by providing individualized support for military-connected employees and consulting with company team members and leadership. The initiative brings together company expertise and AWP expertise as a force multiplier. AWP works in collaboration with employers to connect employees to resources, educate them about their benefits/opportunities available, and advocate on their behalf to get them the benefits they have earned. For those who want to give back or connect to others, we provide opportunities for volunteerism, recreation, and access to purposeful events.

Questions about the Corporate Veteran Initiative? Please contact Kaitlin Cashwell

Kaitlin Cashwell

Director of Community Integration

The Veteran Entrepreneurship Hub

The Veteran Entrepreneurship Hub is a place for veteran entrepreneurs to gain inspiration and access resources to help them reach their full potential. 


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Success Stories

CVI - Warren

Warren is a Post-Vietnam veteran who works at AGS. He served 3 years in the military and was honorably discharged from the Army as a First Lieutenant. He initially requested assistance with being connected to volunteer opportunities within his community when he met with America’s Warrior Partnership during an on-site introductory office visit.

America’s Warrior Partnership connected Warren to Team Rubicon, a national partner with a focus in connecting veterans to disaster relief volunteer opportunities across the US. Also, Warren was connected to another national partner, The Mission Continues. The Mission Continues connects veterans to volunteer opportunities within their community. Opportunities can range from participating in a day of service to leading a volunteer platoon on a community project.

Warren signed up with Team Rubicon after receiving the information America’s Warrior Partnership provided. America’s Warrior Partnership will continue to engage Warren to ensure his desire to volunteer is fulfilled.

Army Veteran, Post-Vietnam

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