Meet the Team


Jim Lorraine

President & CEO

Jim Lorraine, the president and CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership, served in the U.S. Air Force as a Flight Nurse with nine combat deployments and retired as the Deputy Command Surgeon for the United States Special Operations Command after 22 years of service. He became the founding director of the United States Special Operations Command Care Coalition and served as Special Assistant for Warrior and Family Support to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Amy Rickard.png

Amy Hobby Rickard

Chief of Staff and Operations

Cheree Tham.png

Cheree Tham

Chief of Programs and Initiatives


Erica Floyd.png

Erica Floyd

Administrative Associate


Elizabeth Elco.jpg

Elizabeth Elco

Operations and HR Manager

Development & Marketing


Michelle High

Director of Marketing

sara kinser.jpg

Sara Kinser

Corporate & Foundation Giving Manager


Megan McParland

Content Specialist

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Tyler Carnahan

Strategic Communications Manager

Programs & Initiatives

Jeanette Giles.jpg

Jeanette Gilles LCSW


Kaitlin Cashwell

Director of Community Integration


Darrell Owens

Director of Government Relations


Matt Hall

Program Lead

Indy Warrior Partnership

Chelsea Williams.jpg

Chelsea Williams

Lead Advocate

The Network

Shya Ellis-Flint.jpg

Shya Ellis-Flint

Community Integration Manager

Scott Eyth.png

Scott Eyth

Relationship Associate

The Network

Gabi Wordlow.jpg

Gabi Wordlow

Community Analyst

abby iwp pic.jpg

Community Coordinator
Indy Warrior Partnership

Abby Pequignot

Krystal Garcia.jpg

Krystal Garcia

Program Specialist

Operation Deep Dive™


Amanda Marr

Program Lead

Alaska Warrior Partnership


Roger Burton

Outreach Specialist

Panhandle Warrior Partnership

Keith Manley.jpg

Keith Manley

Program Lead

Panhandle Warrior Partnership

Chuck Scro.png

Chuck Scro

Salesforce Manager


Karen Shirley

Community Coordination Associate

Diné Naazbaa Partnership

Kenny T.jpg

Kenneth Thompson

Case Coordinator

Panhandle Warrior Partnership

Ashley Whitaker.jpg

Ashley Whittaker

Lead Advocate

The Network


Kendra Boles

Network Advocate

The Network

Allison Williams.png

Allison Williams

Training Manager

Joshua Wilson.png

Joshua Wilson

Corporate Relationship Manager
Corporate Veteran Initiative


Bernadine Tyler

Program Lead

Diné Naazbaa Partnership

Roy Dobbins.jpg

Roy Dobbins

Program Lead

Permian Warrior Partnership

Brianna Durner Permian.jpg

Breanna Durner

Case Coordinator
Permian Warrior Partnership

Lewis T. Hinojos Jr.


Outreach Coordinator

Permian Warrior Partnership


William Galinat

Salesforce Administrator


Jordan Rashea

Case Coordinator

Alaska Warrior Partnership

Summer Moye AWP.jpg

Summer Moye

Network Advocate

The Network