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Current Research

Operation Deep Dive™

Operation Deep Dive™ is a community-based, former service member, suicide and self-injury prevention study taking place across the country. This four-year study is a partnership between America’s Warrior Partnership and researchers from The University of Alabama that is funded by a grant from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation.

The goal of Operation Deep Dive™ is to develop an upstream approach to enhancing programs that improve former service members' quality of life—thereby reducing risk factors associated with former service member suicide and self-injury deaths.

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America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) is committed to providing quality services to both the veterans and communities we serve. From our inception, we created tools and measurements to appropriately evaluate and track the success of the Community Integration Model. The veteran population and industry are continuously evolving, and therefore community programs supporting the veteran population need to adapt. Evaluation is the driving force behind AWP's Model refinement and strategic growth. 

Operation Deep Dive™ Resources

Interview Toolkit
Research Study Overview
2019 Report
2020 Report
2021 Report
Interim Summary Report
Methodology Report

Community Integration Resources

Fact Sheet

View 2020 Survey Report

Five Year CI Survey Analysis

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