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Upstate SC Community Update

The Upstate South Carolina Operation Deep Dive team and our community partners have transitioned into Phase II of the study. We are now accepting referrals, conducting sociocultural autopsy interviews, and taking strategic steps to ensure that behavioral health resources for veterans exist in our community. At Upstate Warrior Solution, Ali Casey, Community Lead, and the UWS team are completing informational interviews with local behavioral health partners and therapists to determine who provides services that fit the needs of our local veterans. During the interviews, we successfully discovered licensed therapists in Pickens, Greenville, and Oconee Counties who also served in the military. Our goal is to grow strong relationships with those therapists and other behavioral health community partners to build an unmatched safety net for veterans’ mental health in our state.

In addition to building safety nets with local mental health providers, Operation Deep Dive looks forward to hosting a luncheon in March for Upstate Funeral Directors.


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