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Two perspectives, One message:  HOPE

Our community partners brought together two amazing survivors to share their stories with our local veterans and military. 

Kevin Hines:  Surviving the Bridge.

Mr. Hines survived his suicide attempt after jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. He spoke openly and candidly on his journey from going to the bridge to being pulled out of the water and where he found Hope in the weeks & months afterwards.  

Mr. Hines also led a roundtable discussion with local Veterans who are a part of a Resiliency Outreach Team.   

Kristen Christy: March 4th and Conquer

2018 Air Force Spouse of the Year, Kristen Christy, shared the story of her husband’s suicide and how it has had a lasting effect on her and their sons.  She emphasized the struggles and she and her family have faced and are still facing 12 years later.

She was successful in passing legislation to get March 4th National Resiliency Day a National Day for Survivors. “March 4th and Conquer

Two remarkable survivors with inspiring messages.  Both focused on the ripple effects and finding HOPE in their healing and the everyday self-care still needed to heal.

- Angela Henderson, Research Assistant for Las Vegas


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