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Innan Johns - Women's History Month Profile

Throughout Women's History Month in 2021, America's Warrior Partnership is highlighting the women veterans on staff. Army veteran and Program Lead for Dine' Naazbaa' Partnership, Inann Johns, shares her story with us.

1) Who or what inspired you to serve your country in the military?

My story is different, I joined because I was following the wrong crowd and my daddy wasn’t too pleased when I started skipping my college classes. He was paying for my tuition so I just got tired of hearing BS and joined because it was a job, and I knew after I put in my years, I would be awarded with the GI Bill. It was the best decision honestly because it brought me a family/friends from all walks of life. Now I have some amazing friends from the service.

2) Is there a specific event or accomplishment within your military service that you are most proud of?

The day I qualified as expert when I had the privilege to train with the Special Forces. 3) What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, or what is your personal motto - that has helped shape your life, both personally and professionally?

That your dreams will not come true unless you work hard to make them happen. No matter where you find yourself in life there will be happiness, hardship and above most love.

4) How would you encourage others to honor Women’s History Month and the women veterans in their lives?

Simply by letting the community know to 'thank a female veteran' by having a small recognition lunch/dinner to congratulate the female veterans in their community. Maybe even posting up their pictures in the chapter to let them know of the female veterans in their community.


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