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Community Integration in Action: Collaborating Through Connections

Inann Johns, the Diné Naazbaa’ Partnership (DNP) Program Lead, connected with a surviving spouse of an Army pre-9/11 veteran, Sandy*. The two met at a local veterans meeting for the Steamboat chapter back in December of 2020. Inann listened to Sandy’s unique situation and learned that she needed support with home repairs. Initially, DNP tried accessing support for Sandy through two local resources which were unsuccessful. Upon learning that the local resources were unavailable, DNP reached out to the America’s Warrior Partnership Network (The Network) for advice. The Network helped DNP with ideas on additional resources to explore locally. DNP was informed of the USDA Rural Development Program where they referred Sandy to complete a grant application for her home repair request. DNP worked in collaboration with the USDA Rural Development Program to assist Sandy in completing the application. Recently, Sandy received good news that her grant request was accepted which prevented her local chapter from having to use their emergency funds. Through the power of collaboration and advocacy, DNP was able to connect Sandy to the housing resources she needed.

*Sandy is an alias created to protect the identity of the individual.


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