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AWP Network Connects Combat Veteran with Resources Amid Financial Strain

The reintegration challenges many veterans face are often multifaceted. The AWP Network understands the importance of providing holistic support, which goes beyond words to create a real, transformative impact in each veterans’ life.

The AWP Network was recently contacted by Michael Spain, a post-9/11 combat veteran (’18-’22) who found himself financially underwater. With rent becoming an increasing burden, Michael reached out to the AWP Network to see if any resources were available to him. Through our network of partners, we were able to connect him with a national organization that is specialized in providing this type of support. This collaboration resulted in the vital financial supplement Michael needed to afford his rent and secure stable housing comfortably.

The journey didn't end there. Life's unexpected turns can sometimes lead to additional financial strains. Understanding this reality, our partner stepped in again when Michael needed help catching up on his bills again. This powerful display of unwavering support showcases the true essence of what can be achieved when communities, networks, and partners unite to uplift those who have served.

Too many veterans and their families are suffering – ­to the point of taking their lives. We need you to help us make a difference. Together, we can do better!


Funding America’s Warrior Partnership empowers us to reach and support thousands of veterans nationwide either directly through our community programs or nationally through The AWP Network, which serves nearly a thousand communities nationwide.


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