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The AWP Network Bridges Connections for a Veteran Family of 10

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The bonds of family hold immense importance in a veteran's life, providing them with love, stability, and a sense of belonging that nurtures their well-being and resilience. When post-9/11 Navy veteran Curtis Higgs’ vehicle needed repair, The AWP Network was able to bridge the connections between resources to assist his family. Curtis is a 100% disabled veteran with 8 children. With a large family, a large vehicle is a necessity. Recently, his vehicle needed serious repairs, but he did not have the extra funds to afford the work or a replacement vehicle. This was the only vehicle for the family of 10, so it was a huge priority. A national partner connected Curtis with The AWP Network in hopes that they could find him support.

The AWP Network team connected Curtis with the Gary Sinise Foundation (GSF) and assisted him with the application. The application was approved soon after, and the GSF paid for the car repairs. Curtis was incredibly thankful for the support from the veteran-serving organizations that collaborated together to help his family.


Too many veterans and their families are suffering – ­to the point of taking their lives. We need you to help us make a difference. Together, we can do better!

Funding America’s Warrior Partnership empowers us to reach and support thousands of veterans across the nation either directly through our community programs or nationally through The AWP Network, which serves nearly a thousand communities nationwide.


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