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AWP Network Secures Recumbent Bike for Veteran to Support Mental & Physical Health

Exercise is pivotal in promoting veterans' physical and mental well-being, serving as a vital cornerstone of their holistic health journey. So when Navy veteran (’66-’69) Howard Saltzman contacted America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) Network while trying to obtain a bicycle through the VA, the AWP Network knew how important this could be in helping him thrive.

Initially, Howard received his doctor's referral in the VA system to obtain a recumbent bicycle to support his physical and mental health. Unfortunately, Howard’s referral went cold after some time with no updates. This was when he decided to contact the AWP Network for assistance. After his intake, the AWP Network advocate encouraged Howard to return to his doctor and reinitiate the request through the VA system. However, despite this effort, progress remained elusive, leaving the veteran feeling disheartened. Recognizing the significance of Howard’s needs, the AWP Network advocate decided to take matters into their own hands and reached out to the Veterans Experience Office (VEO) to see what next steps could be taken.

From here, the VEO was able to contact Howard’s local VA and swiftly identify and resolve the underlying issue with his referral. Thanks to this collective effort, Howard recently received his long-awaited recumbent bike. The AWP Network is thrilled to be able to support veterans like Howard in improving their quality of life each day.


Too many veterans and their families are suffering – ­to the point of taking their lives. We need you to help us make a difference. Together, we can do better!

Funding America’s Warrior Partnership empowers us to reach and support thousands of veterans nationwide either directly through our community programs or nationally through The AWP Network, which serves nearly a thousand communities nationwide.


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