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Housing & Education Support for Single Mother

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Financial struggle is a slippery slope that burdens many veterans across our nation. When a veteran approached the America's Warrior Partnership (AWP) Network searching for support with this issue, the AWP Network was glad to lend a helping hand.

Ashley Thomas* is a post-9/11 Army veteran who reached out to the AWP Network in April when she and her 2 children were on the brink of homelessness. Ashley shared with the AWP Network Lead Advocate that she was facing financial hardship after going through a divorce earlier in the year, which resulted in her and her children forced to move out of the marital home and start over in a new place. She was using her savings, VA benefits, and credit cards to stay afloat, but it only sustained her family for so long. At this point, she was behind on her rent and needed assistance catching up.

The Lead Advocate reached out to one of the Network’s national partners, the Tom Deierlein Foundation, for financial support on the veteran’s behalf. Thanks to the AWP Network, Ashley was able to pay off her past-due rent balance, which provided her with relief and stability. On a follow-up call, she shared that she recently enrolled in school to further her education and was able to find a more affordable and spacious home for her and her children once her lease ends.

The AWP Network is always proud to support veterans like Ashley through their hardships and successes.

*Ashley Thomas is an alias created to protect the identity of the individual and their families.


Too many veterans and their families are suffering – ­to the point of taking their lives. We need you to help us make a difference. Together, we can do better!

Funding America’s Warrior Partnership empowers us to reach and support thousands of veterans across the nation either directly through our community programs or nationally through The AWP Network, which serves nearly a thousand communities nationwide.


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