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AWP & LER Techforce Team Up to Recruit and Retain Quality Military-connected Employees

The Corporate Veteran Initiative continues to support businesses in their mission to hire and retain military connected employees. LER Techforce , CVI collaborator, is a Skillsbridge employer, ESRG employer, and they have a dedicated recruiter for military veterans. Retired Senior Chief’s Patrick Drabick’s mission is, in part to “take the extra steps to make sure that LER is not passing over top veteran talent” by digging deep into resumes, making sure that programming is in place for veterans to both have the right tools they need and the training available, and by growing a brand-new employee resource group, “LER military”. We took the opportunity to interview Patrick and learn more about LER Techforce's initiatives to recruit and retain quality military talent. The following video is a great explanation of why military veterans are not just welcomed at LER Techforce, they are a top asset.

LER Recruiting & Military Affairs:



CVI is a veteran-focused, community-led initiative to proactively connect with veterans in the workplace and ensure access to quality resources and opportunities available in collaboration with employers and local communities. We aim to cultivate integrated, resilient, and prosperous veteran communities across the country by improving veteran quality of life. For more about CVI, please visit:


For Military Veterans and Family members seeking career opportunities, please visit:

LER Techforce Military and Veterans Contact:

Patrick Drabick

Director of Military Programs

U.S. Navy Senior Chief, Retired

LER TechForce



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