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The Corporate Veteran Initiative Receives Rave Reviews

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) met individually with 8 different employers from 7 different industries, some with multiple global headquarters, and others locally owned and operated by veterans, to discuss how their organizations have been inspired by AWP and how the Corporate Veteran Initiative (CVI) can help them achieve their ambitions in 2022.

The employers unanimously brought attention to America’s Warrior Partnership’s core strength: access to high quality, veteran-focused, national/local partnerships. America’s Warrior Partnership provides access not to a pre-packaged solution on how to best serve veterans, but an open forum for communities, corporations, and veteran advocates to be empowered to serve their veterans in the ways they see fit. AWP’s staff are always knowledgeable about what veteran programs are out there from both an organizational perspective and from a veteran view. Awareness is a big deal, and having a team of people with the experience to filter out military resources is a huge benefit of a partnership with AWP. Further, corporate leadership often has difficulty remaining in touch with the local communities in which they operate and AWP provides an additional line of communication into the veterans and the communities who support their business. AWP is a centralized location for virtually every type of veteran need. If they don’t have the expertise to solve the problem, they know someone who will. Many of our collaborator employers are looking forward to attending future Battle Rhythms, community-focused events, and the annual Symposium. Many of our employers have unique collaborative needs. One organization hopes that through offering our high-quality AWP employee resource programming, more veterans will be attracted to working for them. Other employers are seeking to leverage the energy and network of America’s Warrior Partnership to introduce new resources to their military-focused Employee Resource Groups and increase their overall community impact. Some employers have discussed improving their veteran retention efforts, increasing veteran advocacy efforts, and positioning themselves to hire more veterans in the future. They believe AWP will help them in these areas of their business. The military affairs leadership from this review represent organizations with approximately 300,000 US based employees & at least 10,000 are veterans of the US military with employees in every state in the country.


If you are interested in learning more about how CVI can help your organization reach its goals, please contact Joshua Wilson at


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