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West Point Graduate Helps Recruit Top Veteran Talent at UBS

As a result of this deepened connection with the mission, military veterans are extremely valuable to UBS, and they are currently seeking new veterans to join their ranks.

Jeremy Turner is the Financial Intelligence Unit Director at UBS and he is one of many at the bank leading the effort to find and train military veterans interested in starting a career in financial regulation and banking. Jeremy is a West Point graduate who served in the Army for 21 years. One of his most memorable positions was leading as a Company Commander in Afghanistan for the 82nd Airborne. He recalled the significant achievements of his team overseas as they “rebuilt homes and strengthened resolve for many of the folks out there experiencing hardship”.

He transitioned to UBS in 2019 when he was recruited by a fellow veteran who pointed out to him that his military training and leadership experience might make him a good fit for investment banking and regulatory compliance. Now, he continues to pay it forward as a liaison for other veterans who are seeking a career at UBS.

Under Jeremy’s leadership, The Financial Crime Prevention team at UBS works to detect, monitor, and report suspicious activity regarding the multiple millions of transactions that occur continuously across the bank. This team regularly cooperates with law enforcement, regulatory specialists, and other members in the intelligence community to prevent fraud, protect assets, and minimize risk. The protection of the integrity of our financial markets and the prevention of market corruption is necessary for our economic system to thrive, and this work allows citizens to place confidence in the market and invest safely.

UBS heavily encourages military veterans to apply regardless of the length of their military service or career specialty. Jeremy explains that although banking itself is not a career field internal to the armed forces, the opportunities for tactical planning, data organization, mission execution, and intelligence management in financial operations translates well for transitioning military and veterans. He emphasizes that “military veterans are enhanced at problem solving, particularly so due to the high-pressure situations associated with military service and focused training on one’s ability to adapt and overcome”.

Jeremy explains that military veterans bring many unique advantages to the world of anti-money laundering. “Many military veterans have valuable experience with high level legal compliance and with understanding the impact of how an abstract objective, such as screening millions of digital transactions for certain targeted markers, can translate to significant real-world consequences”. Most military members have witnessed or have a heightened awareness of the harm that traffickers, international criminals, and black-market financing can cause on the global stage. As a result of this deepened connection with the mission, military veterans are extremely valuable to UBS, and they are currently seeking new veterans to join their ranks.

Explore UBS Careers

UBS has about 60,000 employees and operates in more than 50 countries, so the scope and scale of the operations is significant.

For veterans interested in a career at UBS, they can contact Jeremy at, learn more about UBS programs for veterans, and please see career opportunity by visiting the UBS job board.

About the Corporate Veteran Initiative

America’s Warrior Partnership’s Corporate Veteran Initiative (CVI) empowers businesses to develop and implement workplace solutions to enable veterans to thrive in their careers and become valuable assets to their employers. The Corporate Veteran Initiative accomplishes this by connecting military affiliated employees to earned benefits, celebrating the service of military employees, and collaborating with partners to increase military recruiting, volunteering, and community engagement.

For more information about CVI, contact Josh Wilson, 706-306-1283 or at


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