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Affiliate Highlight: The Warrior Alliance

Quintell served his country with honor as a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. After 5 years of service, he was honorably discharged and began his transition into civilian life.

His warrior spirit remained far beyond the front lines. Quintell made a commitment to himself and his family to overcome injuries sustained during military service by taking the first step and enrolling in the SHARE Military Initiative at the Shepherd Center. He then furthered his skills by obtaining an Associate Degree in Human Resource Management, Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Counseling, and Master’s Degree in Organization Leadership. Committed to a life of service, he serves as a Youth Ad

vocate working to empower tomorrow’s leaders.

After years of working to secure the future of others, Quintell and his wife needed to focus on making investments in their own future by purchasing a home. Financial hardship began taking its toll and he reached out to numerous organizations for assistance with little results. Frustrations piled on and Quintell lost faith and trust in veteran community resources. That was until he was referred to The Warrior Alliance (TWA) by the Shepherd Center.

TWA established immediate rapport with Quintell and helped to gain his trust by understanding the full scope of his needs. Within days he was connected to the Jewish Family & Career Services of Atlanta and the Veterans in Need Foundation who worked together to bring Quintell’s mortgage payments back to current status. Safe to say, he was filled with gratitude. Collaboration works to simplify and accelerate the right resources at the right time. Quintell and his family are secure in knowing that TWA will continue in service as “Semper Fidelis” (“Always Faithful”) to Warriors in need.


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