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Veteran Mother of Three Saved from Eviction: AWP Network's Critical Aid

The AWP Network stands ready to assist veterans with any challenges they may face, whether big or small, particularly during times of extreme stress. This was the case for Toni Waldron*, an Army veteran (' 09-'13), who recently found herself in a dire financial situation while supporting her children.

With three children to care for, Toni contacted the America's Warrior Partnership (AWP) Network for rental assistance to prevent eviction. She owed $6500 in rent due to a loss of income, and despite securing another full-time job, her paycheck wouldn't arrive in time. Facing the imminent threat of homelessness, Toni and her children were in desperate need of help.

The AWP Network Advocate swiftly searched our resources and network of partners to locate available resources to support Toni and her family. Fortunately, a national partner agreed to generously provide the $1500 shortfall for rent and an additional $1000 for groceries and household expenses. With this collective support, Toni breathed a sigh of relief as she successfully avoided eviction, ensuring her family's stability.

*Names have been changed in this story to protect the identity of the individuals.


Too many veterans and their families are suffering – to the point of taking their lives. Our passionate donors empower the lives of veterans, their families, and caregivers through our upstream approach to reach a veteran before a crisis occurs.


The difference made in this story is thanks to people like you. Please donate today because together, we can do better!


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