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Thriving Together: A Veteran’s Empowerment Through Community Collaboration

Updated: Apr 26

The America's Warrior Partnership (AWP) Network is a beacon of collective support for veterans in a world where solidarity fosters resilience. Rooted in the belief that community collaboration is paramount, AWP partners with communities to empower veterans and help them thrive in their communities. This was the case for Shane Brown*, a Navy veteran down on his luck when he reached out to The AWP Network to regain stability.

Shane Brown* is an Indiana Navy veteran (96-'02) who was behind on several bills after losing his contractor job in November. He felt defeated and hopeless, having exhausted all avenues for assistance and facing the looming threat of losing his home and transportation. This was when he turned to The America's Warrior Partnership (AWP) Network. After conducting his intake, AWP Program Specialist Krystal Garcia worked diligently to explore all available options and provide Shane with the necessary resources to get back on his feet.

With empathy and determination, Krystal navigated through a complex system of resources to secure vital support for Shane. First, she connected with the Indiana Elks State Veterans Chairman through a local Elks Lodge. Hearing of Shane's situation, the Chairman coordinated financial assistance, saving Shane's home from foreclosure and preventing his vehicle from repossession. Next, through the Outreach Director at the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs, Shane was referred to the Department of Indiana Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Shane applied for DAV financial assistance and was provided with the funds to catch up on his utility bills.

Shane is currently working with the DAV and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist (DVOP) to regain employment. We are delighted to see Shane regain stability and take strides to return to the workforce and thrive in his community. With the support of The AWP Network and its partners, Shane's resilience is reignited, and his determination to overcome adversity shines brighter than ever.

*Names have been changed in this story to protect the identity of the individuals.


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