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The Network in Action: Saving Gulf War Veterans from the Floridian Heat

Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Richard Weltz of the U.S. Navy (ret.) and his wife, both Gulf War veterans, were devastated when their air conditioning unit failed during the hottest days of summer in Florida. They acted quickly to fix this issue through local resources, but due to unfortunate circumstances at no fault of their own, they could not receive local assistance. Under the recommendation of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and the local veteran-serving organization, The Network was contacted by Richard and his family in hopes that America's Warrior Partnership (AWP) would be able to connect them with more resources.

The Network team collaborated quickly with a national partner to cover the costs of replacing the air conditioning unit. Under the recommendation of The Network team, the national partner agreed to expedite this request due to the sweltering heat of the Floridian summer. Richard and his family were grateful for the partner's quick action and rapid coordination between the organizations to support his family's need.

"We were able to get the work done and the system replaced in record time," stated Weltz. "The coordination between all the organizations was absolutely amazing."

"Everyone named worked hard in order to make this happen. My wife and I are eternally grateful for all the help and support. We've always been involved with many veterans' organizations and given both time and money to many of them over the years. We support many of the local SOCOM-backed organizations, and some that are not. We never thought we would be in a situation where we needed help. But after raising three children, one of which now serves in the U.S. Army, supporting two others through college, me finishing grad school and being out of work for five years, we were struggling. It was refreshing to see everyone come together and make this happen. We are forever thankful for all your support, and we will also continue to support all your organizations and spread the word on the great work you all do! Bravo Zulu!"


With support from caring and passionate donors, The Network continues to advocate on behalf of veterans throughout the country. Please consider making a donation today to America's Warrior Partnership. Your generous, tax-deductible contribution will empower veterans, their families, and caregivers with holistic community care.


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