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The Network in Action: Housing Support During COVID-19

Frederick is a post-9/11 combat deployed Navy veteran who was referred to The Network from a community partner organization. 

Frederick's house had burned down and he was living in a hotel. He had a Department of Housing and Urban Development Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUDVASH) program voucher, but could not be placed in a home due to the global pandemic, COVID-19, and limitations to housing operations.

Our community partner worked diligently to meet the veteran’s requests locally during this unprecedented time by coordinating funds for his hotel bills and providing him a replacement laptop after his was damaged in the house fire. Local support was eventually exhausted, leaving the community to turn to The Network for national support with just three days left until the veteran would run out of funds to pay for his hotel room. The Network quickly reached out to a national partner and advocated on behalf of Frederick and his unique situation explaining that local resources have been depleted.   

The national partner agreed to keep Frederick temporarily housed in a hotel at a monthly rate until he is able to use his HUDVASH voucher when operations resume. The community partner organization will continue to maintain a relationship with Frederick advocating for him at the local level to claim his voucher within the 120 day deadline.  With Frederick’s housing issue temporarily resolved, he can focus on giving back to others within his community through volunteerism which he often does during his free time. 


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