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Network Success: Susan

Susan is a Post-911 honorably discharged Army veteran.  She was a nurse in the Army and now works as a nurse at a local hospital.  She was referred by her employer for assistance with paying 2 missed car payments immediately to prevent her repossessed vehicle from being sold at auction.

Susan had a rough year. Her parents were sick and she had to travel to take care of them. Her emotional support animal became ill, resulting in extensive medical bills.  These unexpected expenses took a toll on Susan’s monthly income and she fell behind on her car payment.  Her car was repossessed, and she needed to come up with over $2,535 to prevent it from being sold at auction.  She had $1,000 that she could pay but that was not enough, and the fees continued to increase the longer the car was held.  The Network coordinated a plan between two National Partners who agreed to work together to pay the fees that the veteran needed in addition to her own contribution.  Susan’s friends were glad to drive her to the vehicle auction site 3 hours away to pick up the car.  She later sent an email to thank The Network: “A huge thank you for all you did to help me get my car back. You are amazing.  Please let me know who your supervisor is, as I’d like to send a letter about my experience with you.”


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