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Network Success: Mr. Collier

Mr. Collier is a Vietnam Combat Veteran with a 100% disability rating, living alone in rural coastal SC. He is currently receiving home dialysis treatments and these treatments must be done as scheduled to ensure his survival. Collier lives in a hurricane-prone area of SC, his home often losing power due to the weather. When the power is knocked out, Collier says that it can often be over a week before power is restored. This situation is a major health/life risk for him. His solution was to obtain an estimate for a permanent gas-powered generator to be installed in his home so that he is continuously able to do his treatments even during power interruptions.

The cost of the gas-powered generator presented a problem for Mr. Collier. The equipment, supplies, and installation were estimated to be nearly $12,000. He turned to the VA and was awarded $6,800. He reached out to his community with a Go Fund Me campaign and raised $2,700. Even the distributor contributed with a $670 discount on the generator. However, this left Collier with a balance of $2,900. He turned to the local Area Agency on Aging who referred him to America’s Warrior Partnership.

Through the Network, America’s Warrior Partnership secured a $2,400 donation from a national partner, The Gary Sinise Foundation. Once the installation of the generator was complete, Honor Bound, another national partner on The Network, paid the remaining $500 balance. This case is a perfect example of how the VA and local communities can work together through America’s Warrior Partnership to identify national partners to contribute resources and solve problems when local resources are exhausted or unavailable!


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