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Network Success: John

John served in the Army for 5 years in the Post-Vietnam/Persian Gulf era and was honorably discharged with a 10% service connected disability.  He was connected to The Network after falling behind on his mortgage and receiving notice that the bank would be auctioning his home in less than 21 days.  The Network immediately reached out to our contact at the state mortgage assistance program in John’s state.  The Network was able to confirm John’s previous denial with the program and learned of a new program for which John met the criteria.

John applied for the new program the next day. There was an exhausting amount of paperwork, but The Network helped John keep the process moving and ensured that communication was flowing and all documents were submitted.  The state mortgage assistance program worked with John’s bank, The Network, and the veteran to help pay off some of his mortgage debt. John will be keeping his home and will be more financially stable in the future.

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