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Urgent Heating and Snow-Clearing Support Provided to Disabled Alaskan Veteran

Each year, the Alaskan winter severely affects those with few resources. This was the case for Army Veteran (’93-’97) Doug Perry, who was snowed in with a dwindling firewood supply, leaving not many heating options for him and his service dog.

Doug lives in rural Alaska with his service dog Zippity Blue Dog, Zip for short, who saved his life after a heart attack. Unfortunately for Doug and Zip, this winter was much harsher than anticipated. Doug miscalculated his wood supply and was worried when he began running dangerously low. Being a disabled veteran, Doug was physically unable to clear the continuously mounting snow to go get more wood, and his truck plow was broken down. After not knowing where to turn, a fellow veteran referred Doug to AKWP for support.

When he contacted AKWP, Doug told the team he was worried he would be completely out of heat in just a few hours. AKWP Case Coordinator Jordan Rashea worked quickly, knowing how important it was to help this veteran amid frigid temperatures. Jordan searched through AKWP’s local network to see who could spring into action. AKWP collaborated with some of our partners, Battle Dawgs and ConnectVets, to provide Doug with a firewood delivery and a temporary truck to plow.

Doug was incredibly thankful for the support AKWP provided to him in such an urgent situation. We will continue to keep a line of contact with Doug and ensure his needs are met so that he can continue to thrive in his community.


Alaska is stronger when our veterans are stronger. Connect with AKWP to learn more about how you can give back to the Alaskan veteran community by visiting our website and completing an online form:


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