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CI In Action: Anchorage Veteran Community Comes Together to Assist Fellow Snowed-In Veteran

For many veterans with limited mobility, snowstorms can stand between more than just them and their front steps. When back-to-back snowstorms smothered Anchorage, resident and Army Veteran Michael Johnson was stuck at home with seemingly no options.

Michael has limited mobility and, by his doctor’s orders, cannot lift more than 5 pounds. The inability to shovel became an even larger obstacle when it forced Michael to cancel several medical procedures and appointmnts. After a few days of feeling defeated, Michael contacted his local VA rep to see if there was anything that they could do to help. The VA put Michael in contact with Alaska Warrior Partnership (AKWP).

AKWP got to work and reached out to various local organizations to form a snow-clearing task force. The volunteers immediately got to work. Michael was amazed by and incredibly grateful for the support from his fellow-veteran community.


“The organizations, I mean, people step up to help you,” Johnson said. “They make you feel proud that you were a veteran ― or that you are a veteran.” – Michael Johnson, Army Veteran


After four hours of digging, the group was able to clear the snow from Michael’s walkways, driveway, and vehicle. They even drove his car to a gas station and filled up his tank. AKWP Program Lead, Jessy Lakin, was proud to be able to support this veteran and wants to continue to be able to support veterans like Michael in the future.


"We need to get out, we need to be proactive, and go find these warriors" - Jessy Lakin, AKWP Program Lead


Alaska is stronger when our veterans are stronger. Connect with AKWP to learn more about how you can give back to the Alaskan veteran community by visiting our website and completing an online form:


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