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The Network in Action: Breaking The Vicious Cycle

Vance, a pre-9/11 Navy veteran, came across Mission Roll Call on social media. Vance and his wife were on the verge of homelessness and completed the form on Mission Roll Call’s social media post to request support. Not expecting anyone to return the request, to Vance’s surprise, he received a timely call back from The America’s Warrior Partnership Network (The Network). The Network learned more about Vance’s unique housing situation and obtained further information about his eligibility for benefits. Vance explained to the Network that he had enough regular revenue to cover monthly rent in the area, but unfortunately did not have enough money saved for a deposit on a rental property. The Network determined the veteran was over income for the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs’ Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program and explored several options locally to support the deposit, but was unsuccessful. The next step was to take the request to a national partner to offer support. The Network advocated on behalf of Vance to a national partner to explain the situation and assist in completing application forms for assistance with the rent deposit. The national partner accepted Vance’s application and received the deposit in time preventing him and his wife from becoming homeless. Vance expressed his gratitude to The Network for their support when he was at the point of giving up. Mission Roll Call’s outreach and The Network’s quick response to offer support helped Vance and his wife with a fresh start.

Vance Wanted to Share His Story

“I am retired from the U S Navy. Married to a wonderful lady and we are going to share our story that included the discovery of the America's Warrior Partnership organization. We have been in and out of being without a home to call our own for nearly three years. Lots of life events were attributed to this but we just couldn't seem to break out of the vicious cycle of those life events. Recently, while on a social network page, I saw the ad saying that America's Warrior Partnership helped our homeless veterans. I have applied to so many others, I decided to take a chance .

I'm not asking for a hand out, I'm asking for a helping hand.

To make it short, this organization made it happen — Scott Eyth made it happen. His team got us into an apartment. We went through a couple of disappointments but the end result is we have a place to call home. We believe in teamwork in our household, being in the military taught me that. Scott's team and my wife and I made it happen. America's Warrior Partnership is the real deal. Like my wife and I have said, and I told Scott when we started on this, 'I'm not asking for a hand out, I'm asking for a helping hand.' Thank you so much.”

*The name of the veteran was changed to respect their privacy


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