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Recognizing Vietnam & Women Veterans in the Community

The KinDahLiChii Veterans Service Organization (VSO) recently hosted a memorable event to honor Vietnam and women veterans, and the Diné Naazbaa Partnership™ (DNP) was privileged to lend a helping hand. As preparations began, discussions revolved around essential elements like the food menu and commemorative T-shirts. DNP's case coordinator, Karen Shirley, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the details, suggesting the inclusion of Navajo Tacos to add a local flair to the meal. Additionally, DNP generously donated decorations to enhance the event's ambiance.

On the event day, the KinDahLiChii VSO and DNP collaboration came to fruition. With decorations in place and food almost ready, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation. The Vice Commander worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail was executed flawlessly. As guests arrived and speakers took the stage, DNP's Karen presented each speaker with a thoughtful gift, adding to the sense of appreciation and camaraderie.


This event underscored the importance of community support and collaboration, especially on the Navajo Nation, where these bonds are incredibly vital. Overall, the event was a poignant tribute to veterans, made possible by the dedication and partnership between KinDahLiChii VSO and DNP.


Too many veterans and their families are suffering – to the point of taking their lives. Our passionate donors empower the lives of veterans, their families, and caregivers through our upstream approach to reach a veteran before a crisis occurs.


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