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Turning Adversity Around: A Veteran's Story of Hope

In the face of adversity, sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to turn the tide. This was the case when an Air Force veteran came to Panhandle Warrior Partnership (PWP) looking for remedies to her various hurdles.

Recently PWP Case Coordinator Kenneth Thompson received a call from Airforce veteran (’10-’17) Jade Hall, referred to by a local employment agency. Jade explained her original situation; her vehicle, a lifeline to employment and stability, required several repairs making it difficult to find and hold employment. Though she has a 90% VA disability rating, it is not enough to support her family. After talking to Kenneth for a little while, Ms. Hall also candidly shared that her current living situation had grown toxic, but she had nowhere else to turn as a sanctuary for herself and her two children.

Mr. Thompson assisted with navigating Ms. Hall through the resources available to her by seamlessly enrolling her in the Warriorserve database. The conversation then shifted to the realm of employment. Ms. Hall, despite collaborating with an employment agency, harbored reservations about her current case worker. To ensure Jade’s utmost comfort through the vulnerable employment process, Kenneth was able to provide her with a contact number for another employment case worker.

A follow-up call revealed that Ms. Hall, now under the wing of a new case worker, had successfully secured a job offer. Gratitude echoed through the phone as Ms. Hall thanked Mr. Thompson for his instrumental role in connecting her with vital resources within the community. Kenneth and the PWP team will continue to have an open line of communication with Jade to ensure she receives the proper support she needs to live a happy, stable life.


Too many veterans and their families are suffering – to the point of taking their lives. Our passionate donors empower the lives of veterans, their families, and caregivers through our upstream approach to reach a veteran before a crisis occurs.

The difference made in this story is thanks to people like you. Please donate today because together, we can do better!


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