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Network Success: Peter

Peter is a Post-Vietnam Honorably Discharged Navy veteran with a 70% Service Connected Disability.  He struggled financially after the sudden death of his estranged wife.  Settling her estate strained his finances and he fell behind on his mortgage and utilities.  His caseworker at the local VA Hospital reached out to The Network for help and consultation.

The VA caseworker asked The Network to coordinate contact with the state mortgage assistance program, where the veteran had recently applied but had not yet received a case review. We encouraged Peter to wait patiently for the review but to also ask his mortgage company for other possible options for help.

In addition, The Network sought help from a National Partner for Peter’s past due utility bills of $325. This National Partner was specifically selected because Peter’s situation matched their eligibility criteria. The organization was happy to pay the water and electric bills. Peter’s state mortgage assistance application was denied but he pursued a loan modification with his mortgage lender. Peter said, “thank you for all that you did, you were on top of everything and I appreciate it”.


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