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CI In Action: Indy Veteran Provided with Resources and Support Through Home-Buying Process

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Navigating the home-buying process, especially in today’s market, is not a smooth road. When Indy Warrior Partnership (IWP) Community Coordinator Abby Pequignot received a call from a warrior inquiring about this process, she wanted to help ensure it was as easy as possible.

Jarrod* is an active Army National Guard service member who contacted IWP for support in the home-buying process. Jarrod explained to Abby that he was ready to begin looking for a home to buy, but didn’t have the resources required to start his search. Specifically, Jarrod requested a connection for a home loan and a real estate agent. After some research, Abby referred Jarrod to John Haywood at Paddio Home Loans, the number one home loan servicer under Veteran’s United. Since contact, John and Jarrod have been working together diligently to get Jarrod an ideal credit score through Paddio’s in-house, no-cost credit-building program.

Abby will continue to keep in contact with Jarrod through this process. Once the home loan process is complete, Abby will connect Jarrod with the best real estate agent available to accommodate his needs. IWP is excited to see this process through with warriors like Jarrod and support them in continually improving their quality of life.

*Jarrod is an alias created to protect the identity of the individual.


Indy is stronger when our veterans are stronger. Connect with IWP to learn more about how you can give back ot the Indy veteran community by visiting our website and completing an online form:


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