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Community Integration in Action: Indy Veterans Rally for a Fellow Veteran

For most veterans, their service does not end when they hang up their uniform. That was the case for the four Indy veterans who responded quickly to help their brother in arms.

On July 8, Matt Hall, Program Lead for Indy Warrior Partnership (IWP), received a text from a friend that he had a person looking for immediate veteran support. The veteran found himself in an unforeseen situation and needed help moving out of his house due to an eviction. Within two hours, Matt found four veterans willing to help. The volunteer veterans showed up the next day ready to work and were able to provide additional resources for the veteran in need. IWP is maintaining contact with the veteran to assist with any additional support he may need, from settling into his new housing situation to accessing financial support in collaboration with community resources.

Housing security has been a trending issue across the United States, particularly in urban communities where property value and rent have substantially risen. According to data from the Zillow Observed Rent Index, individuals have few options other than to sign leases with an average 13.65% rent increase within Indianapolis. We are all links in a chain working together for Indianapolis, IN to be a great place to live. Proactive support can help raise hope, improve veteran quality, and prevent suicide.

Indy is stronger when our veterans are stronger. Connect with IWP to learn more about how you can give back to the Indy veteran community by visiting our website and completing an online form:


With support from caring and passionate donors, Indy Warrior Partnership (IWP) continues empowering our community to empower our veterans. Please consider making a donation today to IWP. Your generous, tax-deductible contribution supports IWP's collaborative work in Central Indiana to meet veterans where they are, ensuring they are connected to all the resources and opportunities they have earned.


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