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How can America’s Warrior Partnership Serve a Corporate Veteran Initiative (CVI) Partner?

This is what we do best. Here is a success story involving Diane, an employee of UBS, a CVI Partner. UBS informed America’s Warrior Partnership that Diane needed assistance. Diane serves as her 94-year-old veteran father’s fiduciary. She realized that he continued to receive Aid and Attendance benefits despite being approved for Medicaid. Aid and Attendance is a Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) benefit to help cover costs for veterans and/or their spouses in nursing homes, assisted living housing or those who need care at home. Diane recognized there was a possibility for overlapped benefits received through the Aid and Attendance in addition to Medicaid. She did not want her father to owe back-pay if the government later deemed that receiving both benefits was an over payment. This would be an expense that her father, living in a nursing home in Florida, could not afford. She attempted to get answers from the VA but was unsuccessful. Fortunately, because of UBS’ connection to CVI, we were able to help Diane and her father.

In coordination with the America’s Warrior Partnership Network team, Diane and the Warrior Navigator, jointly contacted the VA pension department to discuss the specifics of a possible adjustment claim and to ensure her father did not owe back-pay. Everything was resolved within two weeks of CVI getting involved due to America’s Warrior Partnership’s experience helping veterans receive the most out of the resources available to them. The VA assured Diane that the VA was aware of her father’s situation and that they were working on discontinuing the Aid and Attendance. She was told that he would not be billed for any overages that accumulated during this period. Our Network team, another AWP program, also connected Diane to a Veteran’s Experience Officer, who could provide additional support regarding her father’s military benefits, or for any assistance needed in the future.

At America’s Warrior Partnership, we are familiar with the many valuable resources that can enhance a veteran’s life. We also recognize that although there are numerous resources available, understanding how to properly leverage these resources can at times prove to be difficult or confusing for veterans and their family. The CVI team focuses on helping veterans or those helping veterans within our Corporate Partners, to streamline resource information and help prevent situations similar to Diane and her father’s. Due to the diligence of all involved, Diane’s father was taken care of and will continue to receive his benefits.

*Diane is an alias created to protect the identity of the veteran and their family.


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