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How AWP is Supporting Humanitarian Relief in Ukraine

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

War is hell. What’s happening right now in Ukraine is a tragedy on a massive scale. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and millions more have been displaced. Their peaceful way of life was tragically uprooted at a moment’s notice. What does the invasion of Ukraine have to do with an American veteran-serving organization? For the veteran-led team at America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP), standing by when a crisis occurs is not in our DNA.

When AWP’s President & CEO, Jim Lorraine, received a call with an opportunity to leverage the organization’s technology to help fight the humanitarian disaster, he immediately jumped into action. The decision to use AWP’s resources to save lives was a no-brainer as he spent 22 years in the US Air Force as a nurse, ultimately founding the United States Special Operations Command Care Coalition. It’s what he did his whole life, and it is what AWP does every day for the veteran community. The call came from a former AWP board member actively helping to get humanitarian aid and medical supplies to the citizens of Ukraine through Help Ukraine 22 “Operation Palyanytsya”, a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Help Ukraine 22 had the regional connections and supplies, but needed assistance with connecting the supplies to the people immediately in the middle of a war zone. Time was of the essence. AWP’s team of technical experts quickly assessed the unique needs and created a customized version of its existing robust Network built on WarriorServe®. WarriorServe® is used stateside to connect veterans with a plethora of resources in private and public sectors ranging from housing, rent payments, transportation assistance and mental health services. Due to a quick-thinking technical team and partnership forged between the two organizations to help save lives, this platform went live within a couple of weeks of inception.

"Our partnership with AWP has been an immediate force multiplier in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in delivering humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in need." – Brian Mefford, Director of Help Ukraine 22

America’s Warrior Partnership has expanded its reach across the ocean and Ukraine Serve is being used to save lives. As of May 6, it has helped to connect 65 Non-Government Agencies and delivered $1.25 million in humanitarian aid and medical supplies to 167,000 Ukrainians through a supply chain powered by Ukraine Serve.

Help Ukraine 22’s model:

How can you help?

Please consider supporting Help Ukraine 22 now in their grass-roots effort to get the citizens of Ukraine life-saving supplies.


WarriorServe® is a proprietary technology platform built on SalesForce that is customizable to any organization’s needs and structure when people, resources, and solutions need to be connected. America’s Warrior Partnership works with dozens of organizations to help them meet their unique supply chain challenges. Our highly skilled technical architects can craft a solution just for you, regardless of industry, obstacles, or timing. While not every call will be a matter of life and death, we take your call seriously and we will partner with you to deliver a superior solution. Please contact us at or fill out this form for more information on how WarriorServe® can work for you.

We also want to reassure the AWP community that our partnership with Help Ukraine 22 “Operation Palyanytsya” does not negatively impact our mission to partner with communities to prevent veteran suicide. The AWP team continues to work around the clock to meet the evolving needs of the veteran community right here in the United States.


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