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AWP Seeks Consultation From Georgetown University’s Senior Associate Dean, Brooks Holtom


Dr. Holtom has spent well over two decades researching how organizations develop and retain social capital. His publications have been featured in prestigious academic journals such as the Academy of Management and in national press such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Additionally, he has served as a consultant for industry titans like Microsoft and Capital One. His consultancy has aided public institutions such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, United States Air Force, and The Korean Ministry of Finance and Economy. His Ph.D. is in organizational behavior and human resources, and he is currently serving as senior associate Dean of Strategy, Finance, and Organization. Some of his awards and recognitions include the Scholarly Achievement AwardAscendant Scholar of the Year, Professor of the Year, and his work has been specifically cited and recognized by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International. So, in short, HE is one of the most cited authors in the area of employee retention, and he has graciously offered his time and energy to assist America’s Warrior Partnership in our mission to improve the quality of life for veterans within the workforce.

Dr. Holtom is prepared to share insights from research on how to develop practices that will increase retention. He can assess turnover predictors in your organization and provide your company with a plan to reduce costs by reducing turnover and associated costs. He sees far beyond the basic analytics and doesn’t hesitate to challenge his contemporaries to search for deeper meaning beyond existing paradigms.  His research and philosophy support holistic models to employee quality of life as opposed to simply increasing employee pay or benefits access. He often avoids supporting the popular hiring mill, and instead, tasks companies with analyzing the quality of their programs,  “if your top performers are being pulled out to other opportunities, and your pushing, systematically, your poorest performers out, who is left to run the company in the future?”. Dr. Brooks seeks to garner recognition for turnover losses that are beyond the standard metrics such as loss of knowledge, slowed production, decreased customer service, and stress on leadership.

Dr. Holtom’s research has taught us that there is more to work than basic employee satisfaction. His work shows us that if employees believed in a positive trajectory for their future, then they were more likely to stay and be better workers. The degree in which a person fits in the community is significant. It’s not just the values, it’s also the physical amenities. It’s not just about benefits, it’s about employer services that are difficult to replicate. Employees who can’t substitute their employment experience are simply more likely to stay, and more likely to be better workers. Meaningful organizational affiliation is also important.  Employees need to fit in, have relationships and benefits that are significant, and they need to share the vision of the organization. America’s Warrior Partnership seeks counsel from Dr. Holtom because his groundbreaking research in Job Embeddedness is a perfect fit for our community integration model. Where Dr. Brooks scientifically and methodically measures retention factors and provides expert analysis, America’s Warrior Partnership aids partner companies by fostering environments that encourage communities built around civic duty and patriotism. We further serve our partner companies by establishing relationships with their military-connected population, and we actively outreach to our members to maximize use of benefits and individual philanthropy. We do this because we also believe that employees are more productive when they see themselves in their organization’s mission, and they thrive when they feel connected to the communities within and around the company they work for.


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