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A Lifeline on Wheels: Restoring an Alaska Veteran’s Transportation Independence

While closing a case with a positive resolution is a success, it is not the conclusion to our commitment to each veteran. Each success story for Alaska Warrior Partnership (AKWP) marks the transition into a new phase of ongoing support and empowerment within our community. In January, AKWP assisted Army veteran Michael Johnson, who was snowed in and unable to make it to his doctor appointments. So, when Michael reached out again recently for support with vehicle repairs, the AKWP team sprang into action.

Michael is a veteran with limited mobility and has frequent doctor's appointments. Unfortunately, he recently had issues with his vehicle and could not afford the repairs. This was when he contacted AKWP, hoping that they could aid him in this issue. Recognizing the vital role of reliable transportation for his well-being, the AKWP team sifted their network for available resources.

"We think the world of Alaska Warrior Partnership, your organization has been such a blessing to our lives." – Maggie, Michael's wife

Through the generosity of a national partner, AKWP secured the necessary funds to breathe new life into Michael's vehicle. The repairs were completed promptly, ensuring Michael would not miss another crucial appointment. A substantial sense of relief washed over Michael as he received his car, which was running smoothly and filled with a full gas tank. This act of support was more than a mere repair; it was a restoration of his independence, allowing him to continue to face each day with empowerment and ease.


AKWP will continue to communicate with Michael regularly and provide him with the holistic support he needs to thrive in his community. Alaska is stronger when our veterans are stronger. Connect with AKWP to learn more about how you can give back to the Alaskan veteran community by visiting our website and completing an online form:


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