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From One to Many: The Impact of a Single Community Event on Veterans

At Permian Warrior Partnership (PWP), we've seen how a single act of support can create a ripple effect, profoundly impacting many lives. Whether it's a simple gathering or an outreach effort, these moments have the power to connect, inspire, and mobilize individuals within the veteran community.

Chris Harris reached out to PWP on behalf of his father, Gary, a 75-year-old Vietnam veteran with health issues. Being the caretaker of a parent is an emotionally taxing responsibility, often requiring immense patience, resilience, and support. As caretakers, Chris and his wife sought information on VA benefits and assistance with the complex paperwork required to access those benefits. Despite initial challenges, our perseverance paid off when we connected with Johnny Hernandez, a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) from a neighboring county.

With Johnny's help, the paperwork was submitted, and Chris soon received the good news that Gary's disability benefits were on their way. Chris expressed heartfelt gratitude for our assistance, but the story didn't end there.

Because of his positive experience with PWP, Chris began attending our "Coffee with Sarge" events. These gatherings gave him the peer support he needed as a caregiver and veteran family member. Inspired by the sense of community, Chris has now volunteered to help other local veterans navigate their obstacles.

Johnny Hernandez, the dedicated VSO who helped Chris and his father, has also become a regular attendee at our "Coffee and Camaraderie" events, offering his expertise to veterans whose local VSOs are unresponsive or unavailable. Johnny and Gaines County partnered with PWP to host our first coffee event in Seminole, TX, where Johnny was available to answer veteran questions directly. His commitment has inspired other veterans to advocate for better services in their areas, and one veteran even plans to apply for a VSO position to improve support in his community.

This story highlights how one person reaching out can make a difference in many more lives. PWP's support for Chris and his father sparked a wave of positive change, extending support and fostering a stronger community network. PWP is excited to continue a relationship with Chris and Johnny to help more veterans in the future.


Too many veterans and their families are suffering – to the point of taking their lives. Our passionate donors empower the lives of veterans, their families, and caregivers through our upstream approach to reach a veteran before a crisis occurs.


The difference made in this story is thanks to people like you. Please donate today because together, we can do better!


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