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Eyes Wide Open: A Veteran's Unique Path to Healing

Imagine the struggle of keeping your eyes open, the frustration of being unable to walk unaided, and the emotional toll of feeling trapped within your own body. For some, these battles are a daily reality, filled with relentless physical and emotional demands. These challenges were a reality for Jentry Crain, an Army veteran and former EOD Tech (' 97-'01). Diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Meige Syndrome, Jentry could barely keep his eyes open for more than a few seconds. This cruel twist of fate robbed him of his ability to work, exercise, and enjoy everyday life.


Desperate for relief, Jentry was put in contact with AKWP via his VA PACT Social Worker. After speaking with Jentry, AKWP Case Coordinator Tiana Freeman immediately took action. Tiana contacted the EOD Warrior Foundation to see Jentry's options.


The EOD Warrior Foundation connected Jentry with the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute for Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy. This intensive treatment involves two 90-minute sessions, twice a day, for four weeks. The organizations arranged transportation and housing, ensuring Jentry could focus solely on his recovery.

"I went from mere seconds to nearly 10 minutes of being able to keep my eyes open." – Jentry Crain, Army Veteran


During his stay in Colorado, Jentry experienced a breakthrough. For the first time in over two years, he walked with his eyes open for five minutes. This small victory felt monumental. He even attended a Bluegrass Jam at a local brewery, where he enthusiastically told Tiana that he played music with his eyes open and his head steady.


"This was cause for hope!" – Jentry Crain, Army Veteran


After returning home, Jentry's progress advanced. He walked for nearly ten minutes without issue. This journey is not over, but with the support from AKWP and the EOD Warrior Foundation, Jentry's future looks brighter.


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