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The Indy Warrior Partnership™ (IWP) is committed to improving veterans’ quality of life in Central Indiana through the coordination of local services and opportunities; from housing and employment to enrollment in VA e-benefits, healthcare, recreation, and more.

About The Program:

Indy Warrior Partnership™ (IWP) is a veteran-focused, community-led initiative to proactively connect with all veterans and ensure access to quality resources and opportunities available in collaboration with the community. There are over 100,000 veterans spanning the Central Indiana area. While there is a strong and diversified existing veteran support structure, it is mostly located in Indianapolis. Indy has made great strides in veteran homelessness and boasts strong workforce development, but there is neither an organization focused on proactively outreaching to the veteran population [that is not actively seeking service] nor one building a trusted relationship through continuous engagement to the veteran population. Central Indiana veterans report being overwhelmed by the many kinds of resources or conversely being unaware of the resources available. Collectively, the community has identified the need for proactive outreach to veterans, especially in the suburbs and more rural areas of Central Indiana to educate and connect them to the direct service providers. 

The Indy Warrior Partnership is standing by to serve veterans, their families, and caregivers in Central Indiana. Coordinated assistance with veterans’ benefits and connections to local and national resources are just a call away!​

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Matt Hall

Program Lead

Matt Hall brings a wide breadth of skill and background to his role as the Community Lead for Indy Warrior Partnership.  Matt is an active US Army Reserve Officer with over 28 years of service.  He most recently served as a Civil Affairs officer at CENTCOM, and prior to that completed two tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. 


At home in Indy, he previously worked as the City Director of Veteran Affairs and as a Veteran Service Officer.  Matt is a father of two little ones and enjoys traveling and public speaking.


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Interested in supporting the veteran community of Central Indiana? Please donate electronically using the form. 

If you have a vehicle that you are looking to get rid of, IWP is now accepting vehicle donations in partnership with Vehicles for Veterans! Call 1-855-811-4838 or visit the link for more info!

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Matt Hall

Abby Pequignot

Program Lead
Community Coordinator

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Indy Warrior Partnership is a community branch of America's Warrior Partnership.

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