Shya Ellis-Flint

Community Integration Manager

Shya Ellis-Flint manages and supports communities looking to create a solid program foundation of Community Integration by serving as the liaison, program mentor and operational adviser for successful implementation of America’s Warrior Partnership’s model in their community.  She works with America’s Warrior Partnership team to ensure community efforts are supported nationally and locally. Shya comes to us with a wealth of knowledge from her previous work with community-based veteran serving organizations across the country.

Her cumulative 20 plus years in marketing, program management, community relations and knowledge of military life, augment existing program efforts.  Shya is the daughter of an Airforce veteran and a 12 year Marine spouse; and proud mom to her son, Jack.  Her diverse educational background includes marketing and management; as well as political science and paralegal studies.  Outside of work Shya enjoys traveling, music, and the outdoors.