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Strength in Unity: Supporting Those Who Support Veterans

Empathy is the cornerstone of building strong, supportive relationships, especially for our beloved veterans. It involves tending to physical needs, offering emotional support, navigating complex systems, and being a steadfast advocate. Recognizing this importance, Permian Warrior Partnership (PWP) recently assisted a veteran’s significant other in seeking resources to provide her partner with the support he needs.

Melanie McDowd* reached out to PWP in the pursuit of finding support groups for significant others of veterans. Melanie wanted to understand better what her partner had endured so she could support him the best she could. PWP Case Coordinator Breanna Durner immediately got to work following this request, knowing how invaluable this support system is for many veterans.

Breanna contacted the local VA clinic in Odessa, TX, for more information on support groups. She obtained the contact information of the social worker who runs the support group for loved ones of veterans and got Melanie in contact with the group. Breanna will maintain open communication with Melanie, ensuring she has all the necessary resources to offer her veteran optimal care.

*Names have been changed in this story to protect the identity of the individuals.


Too many veterans and their families are suffering – to the point of taking their lives. Our passionate donors empower the lives of veterans, their families, and caregivers through our upstream approach to reach a veteran before a crisis occurs.

The difference made in this story is thanks to people like you. Please donate today because together, we can do better!


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