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Krystal Garcia - Women's History Month Profile

Throughout Women's History Month in 2021, America's Warrior Partnership is highlighting the women veterans on staff. Next up is Krystal Garcia, Air Force veteran and Program Specialist for Operation Deep Dive.

1) Who or what inspired you to serve your country in the military?

Growing up I felt the happiest when I was helping others or doing things that made their lives a little better or easier. It became important and fulfilling to feel like I was making a positive difference and putting good back into the world. My decision to serve in the military was fueled by those ideals. The military gave me the opportunity to go to college and continue a lifelong career path of helping others.

2) What does Women’s History Month mean to you as a veteran?

It helps remind and educate me on stories of women throughout history who made a difference. It is a way that I try to stay connected to the trailblazers and unsung heroes alike throughout history and honor those exceptional women that came before me.

3) Is there a specific event or accomplishment within your military service that you are most proud of?

Joining the military itself was a huge accomplishment for me. I can’t describe the pride I felt graduating from Basic Military Training and walking across that field, hearing the music, seeing the flags, feeling the patriotism and pride from everyone there. My family drove 1200 miles from home to support me, the grins on their face, the tears and overwhelming pride in my mom’s eyes. I felt pride in my choice to serve and felt extremely connected with service members that came through before me.

4) What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, or what is your personal motto that has helped shape your life, both personally and professionally?

Be patient and be kind.

5) How would you encourage others to honor Women’s History Month and the women veterans in their lives?

By just being kind, listen to their stories, say thank you for your service and sacrifice.


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