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Affiliate Highlight: Diné Naazbaa’ Partnership

The DNP helped a female veteran gain an increase in disability and more.

A female Army veteran from the Navajo Nation who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011, met with the Diné Naazbaa’ Partnership (DNP) to discuss her current disability rating of 60% and possible reimbursement for an education certification for her job. After talking, it was decided that she may qualify for an increase in her rating, so DNP assisted her in filing for both the increase in disability and the reimbursement. She qualified for the increase now receiving 80% disability and is waiting on her reimbursement. DNP will follow-up to monitor when the reimbursement arrives and continue to engage the veteran ensuring she receives support. She lives on the reservation supporting her two children and money is tight. With this increase and reimbursement, she will be able to pay off debt and increase her financial security well into the future. She was thrilled to get assistance from DNP with these claims as she was not confident on where to start or how to navigate the process on her own.


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