The following tools and activities focus on cultivating positive and effective ways to better serve your community’s warriors, build community awareness and partnerships, identify community priorities, and inspire action.

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Utilize The Network

A coordination platform that expands the reach of local organizations by connecting them to national partners. 

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Participate in the Annual Survey

Measures factors relating to the Community Integration program and the veterans served. The results of the survey have helped us evaluate veterans’ strengths, needs, growth and satisfaction.

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Attend Battle Rhythms

Virtual monthly resource calls that feature industry leading experts discussing current topics in the veteran-service space.

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Attend Annual Warrior Symposium

An annual gathering of veteran-serving professionals to share best practices, hear from inspiring and influential speakers, and learn about resources available to empower veterans, families, and caregivers.


Buy the Playbook

Learn how to use our model in your community to know your veterans, rally existing resources, and improve the quality of life for veterans, their family members, and caregivers.

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